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Computer Center’s proprietary solution supports the use of Comarch ERP Optima and Comarch ERP XL systems. Take the management of your company to the next level! You can use the application on any device with Internet access (smartphone, tablet, PC).

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Check out how CC ERP Web works!

CC ERP Web modules

CC ERP Web module

CC Production

  • Raw materials usage and finished products intake reporting in ERP
  • Production planning – order priorities definition
  • Calculation of manufacturing costs, materials usage
  • Realization of orders in stages or bulks
  • Records od performed activities –
    breakdown by employees.


CC Warehouse

  • Support for warehouse workers in the field: releases, receipts, interbranch
    transfers and inventory
  • WMS Localization in Premium version
  • Possibility to use the camera
    in a mobile device (tablet/smartphone)
    and scanning EAN / QR codes
  • Using a mobile device we can create, edit, close and convert documents into
    Comarch ERP Optima in the field of storage
  • Documents created in CC ERP Web are visible in the ERP system.

CC ERP Web module

CC Service Assistant

  • Effective time management service workers, graphics, service technicians
  • Customer information repository, faults, service visits
  • Integration with inventory in the ERP system
  • Analytical application for the supervisor – access to all information about orders
  • The created documents are visible in the ERP system.

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CC ERP Web module

CC Offer App

CC Offer App is handles process bidding. The result is a printout/PDF with the target offer for the client.


  • Versioning and historicity of offers through statuses – full history negotiations, changes
  • Simple and clear micro-configurator prints, the ability to choose the appearance offers (table, drawing or other form)
  • Possibility to generate RO (recipient reservation) in the ERP system (after accepting the offer)
  • Offer templates

CC ERP Web module


CC RCP (Work Time Registration) is a module responsible for recording activities performed by employees in company.


  • Employee entry/exit registration, start/stop/pause during work on the order, at the machine or others on request
  • Extensive analytical reports
  • Ability to synchronize with others CC ERP Web modules.

CC ERP Web module

CC Order Assistant

CC Order Assistant is dedicated application that creates the orders document at the supplier (ZD) in Optima on the basis of data from the current RO (Recipient’s Reservation) and historical sales invoices.


  • Order based on warehouse stocks with minimum and multiple options to choose based on the previously orders forms- ZD (order to the supplier)
  • Presentation of the forecasted quantities into editable orders.

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